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Interested in using your career to mitigate global catastrophic biological risks? Get some personalized advice from someone working in the field.
The 30-minute meeting with an advisor will allow you to get career advice, learn about their experience, and ask questions about topics of common interest.
This service is free, and you don't have to have any prior experience in the field to use it. Advisors have limited time so we will prioritize advisees based on their background and stated interest.
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Meet the advisors

Ryan Teo

Political Affairs Intern @ UN Biological Weapons Convention
London / Singapore
  • Infectious disease modelling
  • Applying to grad school
  • Working at the United Nations

Caitlin Walker

Health Security PhD Student @ Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Biosecurity and global health policy
  • PhD/masters options and applications

Ryan Duncombe

Scientist @ Alvea
San Francisco, CA, USA
  • GCBRs
  • Graduate school
  • Immunology
  • Vaccines

Noga Aharony

PhD Student @ Columbia University
New York City, USA
  • Metagenomics & microbiology
  • Machine learning & algorithms in biology
  • Graduate school & applying
  • Working at the Center for Health Security

Adin Richards

Biosecurity Fellow @ Institute for Progress
Providence, RI, USA
  • Biosecurity field building
  • Organizing university discussion groups
  • Policy research
  • Pandemic preparedness (e.g. continuity of operation plans, critical infrastructure resilience)

Oliver Crook

Todd-Bird Junior Research Fellow @ University of Oxford
Oxford, UK
  • Mathematical biology
  • Computational biochemistry
  • Applying for research positions
  • Academia
  • Genetic engineering

Dan Greene

Postdoctoral Scholar @ Stanford University
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
  • Laboratory biorisk management
  • DURC policy
  • Social-science applications to biosecurity
  • Risk management training

Simon Grimm

Visiting Researcher @ MIT Media Lab, Nucleic Acid Observatory
Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Biosecurity / Biomonitoring / DURC policy
  • Career steps after graduation
  • Thinking through the merits of different biosecurity interventions

Harshu Musunuri

MD-PhD Student @ UCSF
San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Technical biosecurity
  • Medical countermeasures (especially vaccines and therapeutics)
  • New ideas in pathogen detection/surveillance
  • Dual-use research and regulation
  • Biosecurity policy as it relates to implementation and practicality
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Meet others in the community

Find other people interested in working on biosecurity.
75018 Paris, France

Let's make nice things with biology. Working on biosecurity at iGEM. Also into lab automation, event production, donating to global health. From Toronto, lived in the SF Bay, currently à Paris. Website:

Psychology Professor @ University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM, USA

Evolutionary psychology professor, author of 'The Mating Mind', 'Spent', 'Mate', & 'Virtue Signaling'. B.A. Columbia; Ph.D. Stanford. My research has focused on human cognition, machine learning, mate choice, intelligence, genetics, emotions, mental health, and moral virtues.  Interested in long termism, X risk,  longevity, pronatalism, population ethics, AGI, China, crypto.

How I can help others

I have 30+ years experience in behavioral sciences research, have mentored 10+ PhD students and dozens of undergrad research assistants. I'm also experienced with popular science outreach, book publishing, public speaking, social media, market research, and consulting.

Munich, Germany

Organizer at EA Munich, third year of medical school. Focused on biosecurity and looking to try out research soon. I also did some high-talent EA outreach in Germany. 

Sometimes I write about meditation. Here is my Substack:

(last updated in July 2022)

How I can help others
  • EA Munich is the second biggest EA group in Germany after Berlin. It is also unusual in that more group members are professionals than students. Message me if you'd like to chat about community building.
  • Other than that, I have some expertise in medicine, meditation & well-being, and effective learning techniques.
Researcher @ National Institutes for Health
Washington, DC, USA

I work at the NIH researching bioethics, biosecurity, grantmaking, and global (health) priorities. (ex-ish) Berkeley community builder. Contract with CEA on Virtual Programs. Organising EAGxBerkeley in Dec 2022.

Interested or already working with me: check out my 'Work with Me' doc

Happy to be involved and connected!

Engineer @ Amodo Design // Atlantic Pumps

Mechanical Engineer working out of Sheffield in the UK. I spend most of my week as department lead for a company in heavy industry, working on things such as reducing water pollution by developing a modular water treatment and monitoring range. I've recently become incredibly interested in next-generation PPE and its use in reducing biological x-risks.

How I can help others

Information/advice on general engineering and product development, water treatment, monitoring and distribution. 

EA Group Organizer, Pre-Medical Student, UG Biosecurity Research @ BYU-I Food Security Lab; BYU-I Effective Altruism Fellowship

I have been involved with EA for about two years now and was introduced to it by my best friend while attending university. I am from Seattle, am interested in reading/writing and debate, and I am studying biomedical science with a Chinese minor and a neuroscience emphasis.

How I can help others

I can help others make connections in biosecurity, offer novice counselling or pointers about the field, and share experiences/resources I've had/have that might be useful to others going the same route as myself. 

Henry Rutgers Professor of Bioethics @ Rutgers University

Nir Eyal is the inaugural Henry Rutgers Professor of Bioethics at Rutgers University. He founded and directs Rutgers’s Center for Population-Level Bioethics, with appointments at the School of Public Health and the Department of Philosophy. Dr. Eyal’s work falls primarily in population-level bioethics, and he co-edits OUP’s series in that area. He also contributes to research ethics and to other areas of ethics and political philosophy. Earlier, when he was a faculty member at Harvard, he started with students Harvard’s effective altruism activities.

Undergraduate Economics Major @ Yale University
New Haven, CT, USA

I am an Economics major (Yale '23) thinking about how to maximize the positive impact of my career. Over the last few years, I have gained experience in data analysis, research, and consulting. Currently, I am gathering information about four potential post-graduate careers: working directly on biosecurity and AI policy as a staffer or in a US Government agency, researching biosecurity and AI policy, advising foundations looking to increase the effectiveness of their grants, and doing operations work for highly impactful organizations.

Seoul, South Korea

Hi all, my name's Mike and I live in Seoul, South Korea.

I'm currently studying Korean at a language program in the city and am supporting EA South Korea as it becomes a more active local group. Also on career hiatus, I'm trying to determine what my next move should be to do the most good I can and am open to many ideas, making the decision difficult. :D But regenerative finance (blockchain/ cryptocurrency for good) and biosecurity sound particularly appealing.

I studied electrical engineering in college and worked three jobs since then in the fields of test/ measurement and manufacturing as tech support/ training instructor, software developer, and project manager/ sales. In school, I started studying German, which I speak fluently (~C1 CEFR) having lived in Germany for almost three years. I also speak some Castilian/ Spanish (B1), Italian (A2) and Korean (A1).

How I can help others

Provide connections with people who studied machine learning and would be willing to share their experiences
Share my experiences living abroad
Help with LabVIEW programming
Offer experience in project management and improving computer-based work processes with software tools
Give advice: make doing good a priority before applying to college

Director @ Animal Welfare League

Daniel Abiliba is a Ghanaian veterinarian and the Director of Animal Welfare League. Daniel has spent his life using his personal and career experiences to help animals. As the son of a rural farmer in Ghana, he grew up in the midst of animals - cattle, sheep, goats, donkeys and dogs; caring for and shepherding them. While his focus is on animals, he is also a One Health advocate with keen interest in biosecurity and policy development. He has experience in veterinary medicine, animal welfare advocacy, community building, effective altruism and longtermism. He received his education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST), Ghana with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. He was WVA/MSD African Veterinary Student Scholar, 2018. He is an avid researcher, and has spoken at the African One Health Network Conference. Daniel currently works at KNUST Veterinary Teaching Hospital and runs Animal Welfare League. He loves art and watching art documentaries.

How I can help others

Animal advocacy in Africa, Biosecurity research and research in Africa, Event planning and EA events in Africa

Biomed Student / EA Ireland Organiser @ Trinity College Dublin / EA Ireland

Currently a biomedical student and EA Ireland Organiser. Running proto-biosecurity reading groups / fellowships. 

How I can help others

I've written a syllabus for and run a proto-biosecurity fellowship so I could probably give some helpful advice regarding the dos / don'ts. 

Executive Assistant @ Grant Thornton LLP

Experienced, driven, and detail-orientated Executive Assistant. Graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and a Minor in Leadership Studies. Lifelong learner and is a book reviewer for the World History Encyclopedia. Before her current role she was a federal and state political campaigner. 

Student (gap year) @ UCL
London, UK

 Biology Undergraduate at UCL on Gap Year before my 4th year Master

How I can help others

I have a degree in fundamental biology (Gene Regulation,  Embryology) alongside a strong interested in Synthetic biology (Bachelor's thesis). I can help others in assessing the opportunities and threats that novel biotechnologies bring. I can also help with career questions as the undergraduate level. 

Technical Advisor Emergency Preparedness and Response @ Uganda Public Health Emergency Operations Centre

Peter Ahabwe Babigumira is a pharmacist with Health diplomacy, health system strengthening and public health technical expertise. His research focuses on Bio-security, Antimicrobial Resistance and emergency preparedness. He works with the Infectious Diseases Institute at the College of Health Sciences, Makerere University.

He serves with the secretariat for Uganda's co-chair with the Africa CDC of the Global Health Security Agenda Action package on Bio-safety and Bio-security for 2021/2022. He served in a similar capacity in 2019/2020 period as Uganda chaired the Action package on Antimicrobial Resistance.

He is attached to the Uganda Ministry of Health Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC) as a Technical Advisor for Emergency Preparedness and Response. He coordinates the surge team at COVID-19 situation room, a specialized PHEOC for COVID-19. He supports international health regulation implementation, monitoring and evaluation. He actively participated in the organization and conducting of Joint external evaluation, After Action Review and simulation exercises.

During a Global technical consultation on pandemic preparedness in 2018, He took the initiative to secure Uganda’s participation in a pilot program for WHO support for pandemic preparedness even though we were not part of the original pilot. After two successful workshops we completed a situational analysis and drafted a respiratory pathogen preparedness and response plan. These documents served as the basis for our response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

His work as and Epidemic intelligence analyst was key in the identification of what we now refer to as SARS CoV 2 in January 2020 through tweet deck and it's prioritization for action by the National task force. He currently leads Event based surveillance for Bacterial meningitis and Chemical Biological Radio-logical and Nuclear events through Epidemic Intelligence from Open Sources system.

He supports Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, Training and coordination. He also actively supports the work of the Incident Commander’s Incident Management Teams for COVID-19 and past Ebola virus disease outbreaks. Recent projects include development and implementation of a public health emergency management training curriculum for district health leadership. This has been adapted and used for orientation of new regional EOC’s and NGO teams.

In addition to completing several onsite and remote certificate trainings. Peter received a Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2013 from Mbarara University of Science and Technolog

How I can help others

Global Catastrophic Biological Risks, Working with goverments in LMIC's, International Health Diplomacy, Security and Strategic Studies, Health Security, Career advice, Personal Life advice

Head of Communications and Social Media Marketing Manager @ EA UiO, EA Oslo
Oslo, Norge

Recently graduated with a BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences degree from the University of Edinburgh. Currently living in Oslo and figuring out my next career move and considering starting a master's!



How I can help others

Ask me about biomedical sciences, journalism, writing, social media management, public speaking:)

Environmental Scientist
Melbourne VIC, Australia

I am an environmental scientist interested in pivoting my career toward having more of an impact on more pressing global issues. 

I am most interested in leveraging advancements in behavioral economics and data science to influence greater decision making. 

Biological Scientist
대한민국 인천광역시

I am a biologist currently working as a senior scientist at a biopharmaceutical company in Incheon, South Korea. Before I join here, I studied plant science during my PhD and dealt with phytopathogens, related to biosafety and biosecurity. I also have work experience as a researcher at a consulting firm in Science, Technology and Innovation. I hope to leverage my expertise to do the most good in my life and support other like-minded people if I can help.

How I can help others

Please feel free to reach out to me if you are curious about:
Biopharmaceutical development
Mammalian cell culture
Plant disease and immunity
My experience on graduate school in life sciences

Safety and Security Fellow @ iGEM Foundation
Monterrey, N.L., México

Passionate about biosafety and biosecurity. I am the current safety and security fellow at iGEM Foundation, I am mainly in charge of the identification, mitigation, and communication of risks within the competition. My personal interests are Dual Use Research of Concern, Synthetic Biology Beyond Containment, and GCBR.

Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI, USA

I'm a junior studying Computer Science and Economics with a focus on Bioinformatics. I currently am working on a Biosecurity project regarding Genomic Signatures for detecting pathogens. I also have a startup based around online fitness coaching.

Medical Doctor @ Health NZ

I'm a medical doctor from New Zealand with a background in strategy and healthcare consulting. Interested in biosecurity and reducing GCBRs. I'm learning more about the field and how best to apply my background to pressing needs. Especially interested in entrepreneurial and science communication/media opportunities within the field.

How I can help others

Stress-testing ideas from a clinical and organisational perspective

Commercial or science communication collaboration

Feedback or questions? Let us know!