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Monday, November 25th 2019
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Shortform [Beta]
1EdoArad19d Nightdreaming on different aspects of Capacity Building for EA: Community Building, in the sense of getting more people who are better engaged and with good supporting communities. Increasing Prestige and normalizing EA-Weirdness in academia, governments and elsewhere. More money for EA as a whole. Securing sources for the future of the movement, perhaps using some sort of donor advised fund. Better infrastructure for Altruistic Coordination. Implementations that can increase "liquidity" in moral trade, from donations to knowledge transfer to volunteering opportunities. Improving research and general productivity. Institutionally or individually. Better Tools and Frameworks for figuring out what is the most good. Say, the discussions around ITN. Display that we are actually doing good right now. Just figured that pretty much anything can help build better capacity, but the question is which is better?