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Week Of Sunday, December 1st 2019
Week Of Sun, Dec 1st 2019

Shortform [Beta]
6vaidehi_agarwalla3d COULD REGULAR SMALL DONATIONS TO FACEBOOK FUNDRAISERS INCREASE DONATIONS FROM NON-EAS? The day before Giving Tuesday, I made a donation to a EA Facebook charity that had seen no donations in a few weeks. After I donated to about 3 other people donated within the next 2 hours (well before the Giving Tuesday start time). From what I remember, the total amount increased by more than the minimum amount and the individuals appeared not to be affiliated with EA, so it seems possible that this fundraiser might have somehow been raised to their attention. (Of course it's possible that with Giving Tuesday approaching they would have donated anyway.) However, it made think that regularly donating to fundraisers could keep them on people's feeds inspire them to donate, and that this could be a pretty low-cost experiment to run. Since you can't see amounts, you could donate the minimum amount on a regular basis (say every month or so - about $60 USD per year). The actual design of the experiment would be fairly straight forward as well: use the previous year as a baseline of activity for a group of EA organisations and then experiment with who donates, when they donate, and different donation amounts. If you want to get more in-depth you could also look at other factors of the individual who donates (i.e. how many FB friends they have). EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Using EA Giving Tuesday's had 28 charities that people could donate to. Of that, you could select 10 charities as your controls, and 10 similar charities (i.e. similar cause, intervention, size) as your experimental group, and recruit 5 volunteer donors per charity to donate once a month on a randomly selected day. They would make the donation without adding any explanation or endorsement. Then you could use both the previous year's data and the current year's controlled charities to compare the effects. You would want to track whether non-volunteer donations or traffic was gained after the volunteer donations. Caveats: T
5hereisonehand7d [] A key & peele video that is effectively EA dark humor. Enjoy!
4KevinO3d You can now vote in Project 4 Awesome to help EA charities win grants of, judging by past years, $25,000 USD. You can vote for each video for each charity, and each vote counts. Click on the thumbnail to access the voting page for each video. GFI: [] AMF: [] Give Directly: [] Clean Air Taskforce: [] It's probably best to open one tab, do the CAPTCHA, and then open the rest of the tabs so you don't have to repeat the CAPTCHA. (Credit to Michael; I have no idea how to link to users.)
1Mati_Roy4d x-post with [] (see wiki for latest version) Epistemic status: intuition; tentative | Quality: quick write-up | Created: 2019-12-05 | Acknowledgement: Nicolas Lacombe for discussions on tracking political promises Assumption: more democracy is valuable; related: The rules for rulers [], 10% Less Democracy [] NON-DENOMINATIONAL VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES IN POLITICS Tracking political promises Polimeter [] is a platform that allows to track how well politicians keep their promises. This likely increases the incentive for politicians to be honest. This is useful because if citizens don’t know how their vote will translate in policies, it’s harder for them to vote meaningfully. Plus, citizens are likely to prefer more honest politicians all else equal. The platform allows to create new trackers as well as contributing to existing ones. Voting reform The Center for Election Science [] is working to implement an approval voting mechanism in more jurisdictions in the US. They work with volunteers with various expertise; see: []. National Popular Vote Interstate Compact National Popular Vote [] is promoting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact [] which aims to make the electoral vote reflect the popular vote. They are looking for volunteers; see []

Week Of Sunday, November 24th 2019
Week Of Sun, Nov 24th 2019

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Shortform [Beta]
5Davidmanheim13d Precommitting based on Survey Outcomes for Proposed "Giving Effectively Israel. (Epistemic Status: Public Statement for Future Reference) We're planning to field a survey about current giving, and potentially funding a Israeli-tax-deductible organization. The first question is whether there is sufficient demand to make funding the program worthwhile. Setting this up involves a fair amount of upfront costs for lawyers to ensure that this is entirely above board. It seems worthwhile to try to engage a relatively prestigious / respected firm, to ensure that this is done correctly. There is a risk that we find out that they don't think it's possible to do (subjective estimate: 25%), in which case we would stop the project, hopefully having spent less than the expected full cost. My upfront claim is that this would be worthwhile to seek funding for if the cost of a lawyer and setting up the nonprofit is less than 25% of the expected tax-saving to EAs over the next 3 years, as inferred from the survey.
1EdoArad14d Nightdreaming on different aspects of Capacity Building for EA: Community Building, in the sense of getting more people who are better engaged and with good supporting communities. Increasing Prestige and normalizing EA-Weirdness in academia, governments and elsewhere. More money for EA as a whole. Securing sources for the future of the movement, perhaps using some sort of donor advised fund. Better infrastructure for Altruistic Coordination. Implementations that can increase "liquidity" in moral trade, from donations to knowledge transfer to volunteering opportunities. Improving research and general productivity. Institutionally or individually. Better Tools and Frameworks for figuring out what is the most good. Say, the discussions around ITN. Display that we are actually doing good right now. Just figured that pretty much anything can help build better capacity, but the question is which is better?

Week Of Sunday, November 17th 2019
Week Of Sun, Nov 17th 2019

Shortform [Beta]
8EdoArad20d How about an option to transfer Karma directly to posts/comments? Perhaps to have the transfer be public (part of the information of the karma of the comment). This may allow some interesting "trades" such as giving prizes for answers (say, like in stackexchange) or have people display more strongly support for a comment. Damn.. As stated, when people can pay to put Karma in posts, there is a problematic "attack" against it. left as an exercise :) I still think that Karma transfer between people and prizes on comments/posts can be very interesting
3Stefan_Schubert20d Marginal Revolution [] : Nine grantees, including one working on X-risk:
2EdoArad20d I sometimes think about what would happen if EAs were completely aligned with one another, there was absolute trust and familiarity, and moral trade was easy and comprehensive. A world in which information flows easily and updates the "EA Worldview". A world in which if someone finds a projects which seems like the most important, it would be extremely simple to use one another to make that happen. A world in which people in EA work on what they can contribute most to, irrespective of their favored cause. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one 😇
2Stefan_Schubert22d Eric Schwitzgebel [] :

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