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Dr John Halstead from Forethought Foundation discussing some recent positive climate science as well as some potential worst-case scenarios.

In this talk, John will firstly discuss some good news on climate change: on current policy, emissions look set to be lower than once feared, as is the risk of very high climate sensitivity. Secondly, John will discuss a worst-case scenario in which we burn all of the fossil fuels: how many fossil fuels are there, how likely we are to burn them, how we might do so if we did, the warming that would produce, and what that might mean for life on Earth.

Note: this is the rescheduled event for the talk that was meant to take place on December 19th.

John is a research fellow at Forethought Foundation focusing on climate change. Prior to that he was Head of Applied Research at Founders Pledge, a philanthropic advisory service for tech entrepreneurs, and a Research Fellow at the Global Priorities Project. He has a DPhil in political philosophy from Oxford and has published on a range of topics including philosophy, economics and climate change.

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