Introduction to EA Day!

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What is effective altruism?

Some efforts to improve the world are vastly more impactful than others, but these opportunities can be hard to identify and act upon. Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement focused on:
1) Using evidence and reason to find the most promising causes to work on.
2) Taking action, by using our time and money to do the most good we can.

On our Intro to EA Day, we’ll deliver a crash course introduction to key ideas from effective altruism. We’ll discuss some of the world’s most pressing problems, along with effective ways we might address them with our resources.

During the day, we will be watching recorded talks on a range of topics, with time for discussion in small groups and pairs in between. We will break for lunch together and (optional) go for dinner together after the workshop ends.

This event is aimed at people who are new to effective altruism - if you missed out on joining our Effective Altruism Fellowship this term, this is a great way to learn about and discuss the key ideas. The event is open to all, whether undergrad, postgrad, working professional, or other, and no affiliation with Cambridge University is required.

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