Global Mental Health: Why it might be a global priority and what we can do about it

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Effective altruists strive to do the most good with their resources and tend to think the most pressing problems are those which are large, neglected, and tractable. In this talk, Dr. Michael Plant will start by showing how global mental health, which has not previously been considered a priority, is all of these things. He'll then present the latest research from the Happier Lives Institute (HLI) which compares the cost-effectiveness, in low-income countries, of cash transfers and psychotherapy and finds the latter is substantially better at improving subjective wellbeing. From here, Michael will survey some options for what individuals could do if they want to help make progress on this problem. He'll conclude by mentioning some of HLI's plans for future research.

About the speaker: Dr. Michael Plant is the Founder and Director of the Happier Lives Institute, a non-profit research institute that searches for the most cost-effective ways to increase global well-being. Michael is also a Research Fellow at the Wellbeing Research Centre, Oxford. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Oxford and his thesis, entitled Doing Good Badly? Philosophical Issues Related to Effective Altruism was supervised by Peter Singer and Hilary Greaves.

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