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Our first operations meeting went so well, we're hosting another! Drop by for discussions on EA Philly activities and ways to get involved. Please note this will be on the 2ND Thursday of the month.


EA groups are an integral part of the effective altruism community and have played a central role in helping the movement achieve many of its aims such as: directing funds to high impact causes, influencing career trajectories, and advancing the community's intellectual progress... but as a volunteer lead organization, EA Philly needs YOUR help!

If you're interested in helping cultivate a thriving EA community here in Philadelphia, network with well-regarded scientists, researchers, and other professionals across the EA community, and multiply your individual impact, attending EA Philly's regular operations meetings is the great opportunity to get involved.

At these monthly meetings, our primary objective is to schedule future EA Philly activities and delegate various tasks, projects, and initiatives among EA Philly's co-organizers and any interested attendees. We like to maintain a relatively flat organizational hierarchy, so if you have a project, initiative, or new event type in mind, we'd love to help you spearhead it. In addition to a wealth of online resources, we have access to modest operations funding from the Center for Effective Altruism (with the option to submit grant proposals for larger projects requiring >$1000).

Of course, attending operations meetings are non-obligatory and newcomers are always welcome. Feel free to stop by even if you're unsure how/how much you'll be able to contribute.

Looking forward to having you on the team!

EA Philadelphia is the Philly chapter of the global effective altruism movement. See our upcoming events, member resources, and other ways to engage with the community here:

New to effective altruism? Check out this TED Talk from William MacAskill:

You can also read a more in-depth introduction at official EA website:

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