Authentic Relating session w/ AJ Bond

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By popular demand, trained facilitator and author AJ Bond is invited back to run another authentic relating session focused on EA concepts and challenges.

The purpose of this session is for us to spend time together with those difficult personal questions we tend to avoid, for example:
- how do I relate to the immense challenge of the world's problems?
- how do we prioritize in the face of existential risk?
- what does uncertainty mean for our collective efforts?

Authentic relating is the practice of freely expressing your true experience in the company of others. It is enabled by a trained facilitator who creates shared norms for the conversation, including privacy, openness, acceptance, and others.

Taking effective action is not just a cognitive and physical process. It is also an emotional and relational one. We believe honing this part of ourseleves is useful for us individually, communally, and globally.

This event is open to all individuals engaging with EA ideas in their lives. You won’t be required to speak or share anything unless you’d like to, yet please note that coming in with a clear intention to Not participate may cause discomfort for others.

Hope to see you there!

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