The tenth-anniversary edition of The Life You Can Save is here for free! Please share (and enjoy)!

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The new website for The Life You Can Save is now live. We are making available for free the tenth-anniversary edition of the revised and updated "The Life You Can Save" by Professor Peter Singer in ebook and audiobook form.

The Audiobook is narrated by ten celebrity narrators: Stephen Fry, Kristin Bell, Paul Simon, Peter Singer, Natalia Vodianova, Shabana Azmi, Marc Evan Jackson, Mike Schur, Nicholas D’Agosto, and Winnie Auma. You can download free copies here.

I think this is an unusually good outreach opportunity. A large number of people have reported being initially interested in EA from interacting with Peter's work which has then developed into a sustained engagement over time.

It is quick and easy to share the book and a really tangible end ask. Additionally, until December 31, we have a very kind donor who has agreed to match every download for a $1 donation to The Life You Can Save.

A suggested tweet is below. As always, we are really grateful for your assistance. Any questions or difficulties with downloads (rare but we are getting a small handful), please reach out to me


"Learn how you can improve, or even save, the lives of people living in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 USD per day! Click the link for a free download of the new 10th Anniversary ebook from #TheLifeYouCanSave and $1 will be donated to charity! #SmartGivingSimplified"

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Thanks to everyone who’s helped share and promote the book launch! It’s very early, but so far the numbers are looking good. Here’s an excerpt of an email I sent to my colleagues at TLYCS looking at metrics for the book launch on Giving Tuesday:

Here are the highlights:
Money Moved up 100%: We moved $16,477 through Network for Good (online donations through our site, excluding Australia) on Giving Tuesday (GT), up almost exactly 2x vs. $8244 from GT last year. The real picture is even better than the headline numbers, as we’ve seen a substantial improvement in recurring giving, which the new site really emphasizes. On GT18, we had only $340 in recurring gifts. This year, we had $1332 up almost 4x. (In both years, recurring gifts were almost entirely monthly).
Very strong subscription growth: We’ve gotten ~1500 subscriptions through the new site, almost all of which have come via the book download. We now have ~16,500 total subscribers, so this is a big bump for us: so far this week, we’ve increased our newsletter audience by 10%!
~2000 Book Downloads: We’re still nailing down some aspects of our download tracking, so please take these numbers with a grain of salt. Downloads are also our hardest metric to contextualize; we don’t have a great benchmark for our performance. That said, we’ve seen about ~2000 book downloads, split roughly evenly between the e-book and audio-book. Those downloads come from roughly ~2600 people who submit the download form (people can complete the form multiple times), so we may see more downloads as more people follow the instructions in the emails they’ve received (though we should also expect some attrition). Audiobook downloads are split roughly in half between people who download the full book or just a chapter, meaning roughly ¼ of downloads are partial downloads of one or more chapters. (Important but not urgent: we should consider ways to nudge people more toward the full book, and ways to get people who download 1 chapter to download more in the future.)
Web Traffic: We had over 6000 visitors on GT, up ~2x vs. 2600 on GT 2018, 3600 on 12/3/18, and an average of ~2800/day throughout November 2019. Traffic looks good across all our channels. The one exception is Referral Traffic which looks quite low, meaning we haven’t been getting a lot of traffic from links on other peoples sites so far. But we’ve had large increases in visitors from social media, our email campaigns, and direct traffic (people typing the URL directly) the latter of which could be related to a lot of things including some podcast ads that started yesterday. We should expect to see more referral traffic as we get deeper into giving season.