The tenth-anniversary edition of The Life You Can Save is here for free! Please share (and enjoy)!

by KathrynMecrow 1 min read3rd Dec 20191 comment


The new website for The Life You Can Save is now live. We are making available for free the tenth-anniversary edition of the revised and updated "The Life You Can Save" by Professor Peter Singer in ebook and audiobook form.

The Audiobook is narrated by ten celebrity narrators: Stephen Fry, Kristin Bell, Paul Simon, Peter Singer, Natalia Vodianova, Shabana Azmi, Marc Evan Jackson, Mike Schur, Nicholas D’Agosto, and Winnie Auma. You can download free copies here.

I think this is an unusually good outreach opportunity. A large number of people have reported being initially interested in EA from interacting with Peter's work which has then developed into a sustained engagement over time.

It is quick and easy to share the book and a really tangible end ask. Additionally, until December 31, we have a very kind donor who has agreed to match every download for a $1 donation to The Life You Can Save.

A suggested tweet is below. As always, we are really grateful for your assistance. Any questions or difficulties with downloads (rare but we are getting a small handful), please reach out to me


"Learn how you can improve, or even save, the lives of people living in extreme poverty on less than $1.90 USD per day! Click the link for a free download of the new 10th Anniversary ebook from #TheLifeYouCanSave and $1 will be donated to charity! #SmartGivingSimplified"