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80,000 hours does great work helping people think about how to increase their impact. What I'm wondering is, are there similar resources for people wondering how to increase the impact of their entire organisation?

Clearly charities vary wildly in how impactful they are, and organisations like GiveWell have thought hard about how to pick out and fund the highest-impact ones, but I'm wondering whether there are resources available to help institutions with the potential for high impact to develop. Things like

  • guides to thinking about uncertainty and cost-effectiveness of interventions
  • support in developing more high-impact strategies
  • maybe even talent loans

If such services exist, I'd appreciate being pointed to them. If they don't and there are good reasons, I'd be curious to know them. And finally if they don't and there are no good reasons, that'd also be interesting.




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Hi Raymond! 

I just posted about how I'm trying to integrate EA ideas into a large, non-EA, non-profit research organization. It's very much a work in progress, but I expect to learn a lot as I go, and plan to share what I learn with the community. (Perhaps it's the beginnings of an 80,000 Hours for organizations.) Nevertheless, I thought I'd direct you to that post so that you can watch there, as well, for any relevant answers to this question. 

Ah, thank you! I'll keep an eye on it.

There are non-profit consultancies like FSG, Bridgespan, Dalberg, and the tiny Redstone Strategy Group which do this sort of work. I believe they themselves are for profit and so charge significant fees. Not familiar with anything within EA but then I am somewhat on the periphery of EA so there could well be something that exists. Agree that this seems like an intriguing place for organizations with EA expertise to add value!

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