Forum Reactions to Tech Layoffs

I recently wrote a post about the current layoffs at tech giants, intended to inform relevant parties about it.

I received more feedback and messages than expected, such as: 

  • Recruiters asking to be connected with talent
  • Laid-off personnel searching for job opportunities
  • Individuals asking about the process of researching and contacting talent.

Fill out this Survey if you're looking to (be) hire(d)

I decided to follow up with an expression of interest form to help connect the right people with each other.

If you're looking to hire or you're searching for new job opportunities, please complete this short survey (~30 seconds), and share it with anyone who might benefit from it.

Little Uplifting Anecdote

Even though this awful situation is hitting many people in various very unexpected ways, I want to share a story I found inspirational.

One of my calls was with a Google software engineer who expressed fears about the consequences of being laid off and is currently dealing with this uncertainty.

This person has been closely following the EA space for ~5 years, has ever since been AI safety-curious, completed the AGI Safety Fundamentals, reads the Alignment Forum, etc. Yet, they have never taken the leap to try and work directly on AI safety.

Despite the current circumstances not being of their own choosing, they are taking the initiative to shape the situation to their liking. Without this external stimulus, they may have never made an attempt.

If the layoffs or other negative situations have impacted you, this anecdote may help motivate you to reclaim the narrative and make it your own.

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Thanks for taking the initiative on this!

Hey, just pointing out that a few collections of "candidates looking for EA jobs" already exist, and there's an advantage in having them centralized (so for example each org only needs to look in one collection, and each candidate needs to sign up only in one place)


What I am not saying: 

I am not saying "dump this project because someone else is already doing it" (totally not! I really don't believe in that argument).


I am saying:

If you didn't consider that lists like this exist and you're opening a new list by accident and you see no advantage to your one, then probably use one of the existing ones.


A lazy list-of-lists that I'm aware of (sorry for not including all links, I'm vaguely expecting that this list-of-lists exists somewhere and someone might link to it)

  • 80k have a longtermist census (and my guess is that orgs use this a lot since in many ways 80k are a hiring center in EA)
  • HIP are setting up something that looks promising to me
  • There's a post for "who wants to be hired"
  • The forum profile has an option for "seeking work"
  • CEA probably has some system that takes in the info from swapcard, where people sometimes mark "looking for work"
  • (maybe more, that's what I have on the top of my mind)

I've just shared the survey. I think it would be useful if the survey included more information on who will use it, who the data will be available, who is running the survey, and the like.

Great initiative! People who've gotten laid off are also welcome to sign-up to our talent directory - we will try to get you placed at a high-impact organization. More in our post.

Also, happy to coordinate with you on this @nicolenohemi  if you think it makes sense.