William MacAskill's book on effective altruism will be coming out in August 2015. It will be the first book on effective altruism to be published by a popular press, and so is a huge opportunity for us to get new people active and involved.  We need to know who to promote the book with/to - and by filling in this form, in 5 minutes, you can help get maximum eyeballs reading.


You can also join The Outreach Team, a group of dedicated effective altruists and supporters willing to involve their friends in promoting book - If you join this team you'll get a free advance copy of the book and you'll be invited to the book launch party.


If anyone has any additional ideas on things we could be doing - there's a suggestion box on the form!


Thanks for all your help, and if you have any questions just ask on the comments.



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On the first page of the link, there's a box at the bottom - it's not clear what, if anything, should go in there?

Thanks, mistake expunged!