How to add images to your Forum post

by Aaron Gertler1 min read2nd Jun 2020No comments


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Here's a guide to adding images to your Forum posts:

1. Highlight the blank space where you want your picture to go. This usually means having a line with no text, then highlighting the first space in that line.

2. Click the "photo" icon that comes up. You'll see a space to insert a URL.

3. Enter the link to your image file. You'll need your image to exist online for this; if it isn't already online, you can upload it to a service like Imgur or imgBB (I recommend the ladder).

Once your image exists online, you'll need to find the page where it is visible. Then, right-click the image and choose "copy image address." That's the URL you'll want to insert. This needs to be an image file, not a webpage; your link should end in .jpg or .png.

Once the image appears in your draft, you can click and drag the edges to resize it.

If you have any further questions, please leave a comment!