I am looking to identify resources for individuals who are mid-career, which I will define this as 30% to 50% through their careers. I would also welcome resources or discussion that better develop a theory of what is "mid-career" instead of my very arbitrary definition.

In general, materials I see discuss a focus on individuals who are just embarking on their 80,000 hours because, at this stage, an individual's knowledge and experience can be pretty standard and it's most effective to steer these individuals into the most important career trajectories.

Once a substantial base of specific knowledge and experienced is developed (30%-50% of the 80,000 hours) there can be such a varied background to discuss individual to individual it's extremely personalized and trying to construct broad career coaching may not be effective versus a focus on other strategies to inform individuals.

Furthermore, for developing broad resources, there's always the backup that investing time and energy into better developing earning to give strategies could always apply to someone who is 30%-50% (or beyond) through their 80,000 hours, while investing time and energy into resources for specific mid-career tracks wouldn't be more narrowly helpful.

However, if there is an effective strategy in trying to spread the idea of effective altruism, a side effect is that people who are mid-career may end up developing an interesting. Having some sort of message to this group would be important. But it may just be to focus on how to more effectively give as a mid-career person, not how to shift career trajectories.

Have others identified resources for mid-career individuals that are more than just earning to give?