I think that this post can be useful for people starting regranting charities and people interested in what kind of obstacles small EA organizations are facing.


Giveffektivt.dk is a Danish regranting charity organization like Effektiv spenden. It launched a few months ago and managed to collect 25 000 USD. This post describes my personal involment in the project, what I think went great and what didn't go that well.

My involvement

I joined giveffektivt.dk around a year before the launch. Back then the project was just a rough wordpress website. I was responsible for creating the donation system and I didn't have any coding experience before so it took me a few months to get it done. I often got blocked by overthinking stuff.  Getting a few pair programming sessions with a professional software developer would speed up my progress by a month or two and would probably help me to avoid making some poor decisions that had to be later reverted. The project helped me a lot to grow as a software developer and my experience helped me get a job when I was still developing the donation platform. 

What went great? 

  • I feel like for most of it, the volunteers were quite happy to work on the project. 
  • We had weekly meetups which made it easier to communicate and kept us working. I think that without the meetups we would launch with a bigger delay.
  • The donation platform we started with requires little manual work. Email receipts are sent automatically, failed charges are also handled with little input from the developers. The only thing that is not yet automated is matching manual bank transfers with entries in the database. 
  • We decided to store minimal data about the user which is not a common thing for other donation-collecting websites in Denmark. They collect email and phone numbers and call their donors and ask for more donations. I wonder if that’s more effective. 

What didn't go so great?

  • We got blocked very often. The two major bottlenecks were selecting the right legal entity and getting a bank account in Denmark. I think problems with the bank account pushed us back for at least two months and without help from the community organizer, we wouldn’t be delayed even more. On the whole, I belive that this project could have launched around 6 months if more energy and time was put into it.

Our progress so far

Giveffektivt rised 186110 DKK (~25 000 USD) in total. The following graph represents how much we collected so far (in USD):

and the volume (number) of our donations:

There are about 6 active volunteers working on the project right now. Some of the most active members, including the current chairman, were not active members of the EA Denmark community (didn't go to meet-ups). 



This post was written thanks to the EAGx Berlin conference and the talk given by Lizka.


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