List of EA-aligned AMAs

by Aaron Gertler 1 min read19th Mar 20201 comment


This is a record of all "Ask Me Anything" posts that have happened on the Forum, as well as Reddit AMAs with people linked to the EA movement. 

For now, they are presented in no particular order, with no sorting; I expect that to change as the list gets longer.

My current plan is to update this post once every two weeks. Please leave a comment if you're aware of something I've missed!

Forum AMAs

Will MacAskill, author of "Doing Good Better" and co-founder of the effective altruism movement (2019)

Toby Ord, author of "The Precipice" and co-founder of the effective altruism movement (2020)

Rob Mather, founder and CEO of the Against Malaria Foundation (2020)

Jon Behar and Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn of The Life You Can Save (2020)

Leah Edgerton, Executive Director of Animal Charity Evaluators (2020)

Elie Hassenfeld, co-founder and CEO of GiveWell (2020)

Holden Karnofsky, CEO of Open Philanthropy (2018)

Michelle Hutchinson, head of advising at 80,000 Hours (2019)

Buck Shlegeris, researcher at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (2019)

Cullen O'Keefe, policy researcher at OpenAI (2020)

The staff of Rethink Priorities (2019)

Sam Deere, Project Lead at Effective Altruism Funds (2019)

Management team of the Long-Term Future Fund (EA Funds) (2018)

Management team of the Animal Welfare Fund (EA Funds) (2018)

Management team of the EA Meta Fund (EA Funds) (2018)


Reddit AMAs

Will MacAskill in r/IAmA (2015)

Animal Charity Evaluators in r/vegan (2018)

Stuart Russell (author of "Human Compatible") in r/books (2019)