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Applications are open! Apply here 

Applications close Sunday, Nov. 20th. But please apply early.


  • We have a limited number of hotel rooms booked for attendees
  • Flights will likely be less expensive
  • You can invest more time prepping for the conference
  • It will let us better plan to meet your needs
  • You'll be helping us (the organisers!) out

When: The conference is Dec 2nd (Friday) - Dec 4th (Sunday). 

Friday is a full program starting around 1 pm. There will be bonus content happening in Berkeley / San Francisco Monday the 5th and the week leading up to the conference! We recommend planning to be there Friday morning through Monday.

The intended audience is new-er EA's in North America. 

It's important to note that this is not an EA Global and the intended audience is not EAs from around the world. It is primarily for students and young professionals in North America (and more experienced EAs who are also nearby).

For more information on the conference, check out our website :)

Questions or concerns: email us or message me




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