Does EA need an underpinning philosophy? Could sentientism be that philosophy?

by JamieWoodhouse 7mo27th Mar 20196 comments


Humanism commits to evidence and reason and grants moral consideration to all humans.

Sentientism goes a step further and explicitly grants degrees of moral consideration to all sentient beings (most animals and potentially sentient AGIs / aliens).

As such - Sentientism seems to have much in common with Effective Altruism: evidence, reason and broad moral compassion.

I'm very interested in feedback on this philosophy and whether promoting it might be a useful EA initiative.

I've written a short essay on sentientism here: . Versions have also been published in Free Inquiry and Areo magazines.

We're building an online, global community on the topic here . All are welcome, whether or not the term fits personally. We have people from 30+ countries there so far. EAs, philosophers, activists, policy people, writers, but mostly interested lay-people like me.