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Who should give sperm/eggs?

by Mati_Roy 1 min read8th Feb 202014 comments


I've lately been looking into this, and I wonder what people here think. Seems like a low hanging fruit for successful altruistic people (possibly with other traits as well, such as being healthy). Both for the direct impact of creating a... better child than (than the counterfactual one), and also for the indirect impact of normalizing the practice.

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2 Answers

Adding to what Khorton said, it depends a lot on what your bar for doing good that you consider worth doing is and what you consider 'doing good' to be.

In the UK, there is an egg and sperm donor shortage, so there is some chance you will cause children to exist that wouldn't have existed otherwise (instead of just 'replacing' children).

Since you are asking "who" should do it (rather than whether more or less people in general should do it, which seems the more relevant question since it would carry the bulk of the effect), I would wish to replace any anonymous donors with people who are willing to take a degree of responsibility for and engagement with the resulting child and their feelings about it, since looking at opinion polls from donor conceived people has made me think there's a reasonable chance they experience negative emotions about the whole thing at non-negligible rates and it is possible that this might be mitigated by having a social relationship to the donor.