I think clothes and accessories with EA logos could be a useful way to advertise effective altruism, especially on university campuses.

It seems like a now defunct org called Effective Altruism Apparel was trying to produce these. Their last tweet was in 2018.

Has anyone else thought about producing EA merch?

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Yeah! I've thought about this and think it's a good idea. I suggest joining the EA Creatives and Communicators Slack if you want to work with other people on this.

There was also this post from a while back.

I just wanted to note that the link to Gleb's post from six years ago is an example of how not to do this sort of thing. His organization, Intentional Insights, actively harmed the EA movement rather than helped it.

I still think EA outreach via t-shirts is good — my favorite shirts are from GWWC, GW, ACE, and EA Global! — but communications is hard, and the way Gleb went about it was not good at all.

I've thought about this as well and would love to see some more resources allocated to this area. In general, I think that visual marketing/branding is an undervalued area in the EA community, at least when it comes to movement building. That said, I'm an amateur graphic designer and EA group organizer, so I likely assign an unusually high importance to visual aesthetics.

Anyways, looking forward to joining the EA Creatives and Communicators Slack that @evelynciara mentioned.