Public policy push for effective altruism

byEric_S5mo29th Dec 20182 comments


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What public policy efforts are underway to advance effective altruism?

I work in policy and advocacy at a think tank in the United States. I also have background in global health research. While many important EA questions are still being investigated, numerous policy and governance priorities are already clear as well. All of us probably recognize the need for governments to better prepare for the next pandemic, allocate additional resources to evidence-based international development, and so forth. Beyond implementing specific policies, it will also be important to cultivate general awareness and appreciation of effective altruism among key stakeholders over the long term.

So what work is being done in the realm of public policy to advance effective altruism? My perception is that "effective altruism" has limited play in policy circles right now. I would be delighted to connect with anyone active in this arena or share whatever useful knowledge I can with others.