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I assist a philanthropic couple donating between $100,000-1 million / year to EA-aligned charities (mostly GiveDirectly and global health charities), based in USA. We are seeking a low-fee investment advisor to help us with a low-effort, high-impact task. 


We have about $1 million (and plan to put more) in a donor-advised fund (DAF) with Schwab Charitable and we are now looking into ways of investing our DAF's money more flexibly outside of the DAF’s traditional investment pools. To do this, Schwab requires we use a registered investment advisor (RIA) to manage the funds (we can’t manage the funds directly ourselves, though we'd like to). The RIA must also be registered with Schwab and do trades with our money using a Schwab account. See their investment advisor agreement for more details.


Please reach out if you would consider being our RIA for this purpose. We basically just want to put the money into a small number of index funds or securities and don’t want active management, so we’re hoping to pay as little in fees as possible. 


We would greatly appreciate 0 fees since this is a very low-effort task (less than 5 hours per year most likely), but we would be open to paying a fee based on number of hours worked, a flat annual fee, or up to 20 basis points of the fund's balance. of the total fund in fees/year if possible. Most RIA's we've found charge minimum $7,500 and typically 50-150 basis points – we are not willing to pay this much. 


We are reaching out here because we thought the EA community might contain RIA’s more willing than most to take low or 0 fees for a charitable cause. If you can help us, this would likely save hundreds or thousands of dollars for top charities per hour of your time.


You could also help us by:

  • Connecting us with someone who could help us with this issue
  • Sharing a DAF option you've encountered that allows the user to manage their own funds beyond the default funds and without an investment advisor


Any help would be very appreciated!


If you are interested or can help us in any way, please leave a comment or email us at mcpfamilyfoundation@gmail.com




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