I am excited to share that GiveWell Managing Director Buddy Shah has been appointed CEO of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), a major global health organization working across a range of issues including malaria prevention and maternal and neonatal health. This news is bittersweet for me. I’m sad to be losing the talent, advice, and thought partnership Buddy brought to GiveWell, but I’m thrilled that he is taking up this position—the global health sector will be stronger for it.

CHAI is gaining a great leader in Buddy. But perhaps more importantly for GiveWell and our supporters, this appointment is a signal that effective giving is contributing to more corners of the global health landscape than ever before. Buddy is a strong champion of impact maximization, and I am excited that he will apply this lens in his new role.

I am also pleased that this transition does not mark the end of Buddy’s relationship with GiveWell. It is important that GiveWell maintain strong connections with leading organizations in the global health sector. With Buddy at the helm of CHAI, there will be another important voice advocating for programs that increase health outcomes as much as possible per dollar spent.

We wish our best to Buddy in his new role, and we look forward to maximizing impact together for many years to come.

—Elie Hassenfeld, GiveWell Co-Founder and CEO




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After the mixup with CLR and CLTR, I can't believe there are also now two CHAI's that will sometimes be discussed on the EA Forum.

At least these ones involve very different cause areas, so should be obvious from context (as contrasted with two organisations that work on long-term risk where AI risk is a focus).

Also, have some pity for the Partnership on AI and the Global Partnership on AI. 

Very exciting to see the role that Buddy will be taking on and also the influence of evidence-driven decision making in the wider philanthropic environment. 

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