We Could Move $80 Million to Effective Charities, Pineapples Included

by DonyChristie 14th Dec 201717 comments


Want up to $80 million to go to effective charity?

An anonymous crypto-millionaire is donating that much in Bitcoin. They are taking suggestions HERE on Reddit, and they are taking applications from nonprofits at PineappleFund.org (application here). You can also private message them on Reddit or email them at contact@pineapplefund.org!

What can we do to help them donate to more effective nonprofits? Here are some ideas:

1) Comment! You can make a new, top-level comment or reply to the previous ones. Here are some thoughts on good commenting practice:

  1. Take a look at the previous EA comments, to both support with comments of your own and inspiration. Here are two highly-upvoted ones mentioning effective altruism. (1, 2)
  2. Don’t be an asshole. I know it’s annoying to see worse charities getting attention but don’t bring it up, just ignore it. Be kind. Be positive! :) Don’t be spammy. Add thoughtfulness and variety to your comments and messages. We don’t want to just look like a brigade of mindless drones. Remember the Unilateralist’s Curse. Don’t give us a bad image. Think like a virtue ethicist here. If in doubt, don’t do anything.
  3. Think about content. Here are some links you can send:   https://www.givewell.org/
    Singer’s TED Talk
    What is effective altruism?
    The Greatest Good (positive Atlantic article)
    Effective Altruism (The Washington Post, short but links to stuff)
    Effective Altruism: Where Charity and Rationality Meet
    Use any others that you can think of!
  4. Here's a great resource for EA Concepts to explain.

2) If you represent a nonprofit: apply for funding here! The earlier the better!

  1. Similarly: If you’re Peter Singer or Holden Karnofsky or Will MacAskill, etc., like, maybe make a comment on the post and/or contact the person? Aubrey de Grey did it. :)

3) Wacky ideas:

  1. Consider giving Reddit Gold to signal-boost comments you like?
  2. Buy and email them a copy of books like Doing Good Better (comment if you’ve done that so there’s no duplication of effort). (EDIT: Carl Shulman did this!)
  3. Pineapple-themed memes (do reddit comments support images?).
  4. If you’re a journalist or blogger, consider writing an article praising this person and reference effective altruism under the same breath?
  5. Make this the most gilded post of all time so it gets more attention?

4) Comment with any suggestions here and I'll add them.


This could be really impactful. Some bad napkin math on the value of an upvote: If an upvote takes 5 seconds, and it's one of 1000 on a top-level comment, and that comment has a 1/100 chance of counterfactually moving $1 million according to EA principles, then the upvote is worth $2/second or $7200/hour equivalent donation to EA charities. Of course, the variance is high and the value depends on what one does. It's also hard to avoid double-counting causal responsibility for collective efforts. My brain can't explicitly math this very well right now, feel free to make a better estimate of the value of different actions in the comments. Eyeballing it, it seems worth acting on but it does require some thought, time, and energy if you want an outsized impact.
Point is, $80 million is at stake and this guy wants ideas for donation opportunities. If we wait too long then we will lose millions to the defective altruists who want it for the homeless shower-bus that is fuelled by the wishes of dying puppies! This is a real opportunity to do some good by being a keyboard warrior altruist; think for a moment how big of a number that is!
However, you might be one of the lucky few to have high opportunity costs associated with this, if so then go do that awesome thing that's better. For those of us who do want to spend some time collectively moving millions, I sincerely hope we can make a difference here. Will the highest good into being with every keystroke. Just do it!
Pineapple Shia Labeouf holding a Bitcoin
 Many thanks to Avraham Eisenberg, Harlan Stewart, and Matthew Barnett for assisting.