Though I know it may not produce a lot of money I still wanted to do something that goes beyond myself.

Hello, my first post here and I am an artist who draws for a living...

Starting in October I will re-launch my online shop which has been left abandoned. But instead of conducting a traditional business (too boring), I decided to do things a bit differently this time.

51% of all profits produced by the shop will be transferred to a special bank account. The whole project is being designed to be run under deep transparency standards, just to make things interesting and fun (and because I "love" the traditional transparency paradigm).

I will call this endeavor "Effective Drawing" and its mission is to try to forge a new kind of art: one that could finally deserve the label "altruistic art".

Not sure I will succeed, though... truly altruistic art (without stretching the term) can't be achieved cheaply: I started the intellectual work around this concept in January this year and the only way I found to achieve this goal was to use a ceiling to my earnings in combination with this weird thing called deep transparency.

I think I will be venturing in the uncharted and I am already feeling the butterflies... That's why I really need your critique and suggestions.

I know I've been short here, but this is my first post... I will happily write more about it in a second post.

The website of the project (still in draft form) is:

Cheers guys!
Cesar Scapella

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If you haven't already you should reach out to José Oliveira who also makes art to fund effective charities.

Yes! I took a look at his website and indeed it is an interesting project. As I understood, he devotes about 10 hours work to a portrait when a person does a donation to AMF and then he delivers the print of that custom gouache painting. He takes nothing from it, that is impressive... 

Thanks for sharing...