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Summary of x-risks?

by jackmalde1 min read4th Jun 20196 comments



Is there a summary of x-risks anywhere? E.g. description of severity of x-risk if not averted, probability of x-risk, tractability, neglectedness, organisations working on specific x-risks etc. etc.


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2 Answers

John Halstead at Founders Pledge has written an excellent, accessible, yet in-depth report on x-risks, which you can find at:


Yes, lots. A good book is Global Catastrophic Risks by Bostrom and Circovic. The first chapter is available from Bostrom's website as a PDF. The website 80,000hours.org has a problem profile page. And Toby Ord is working on a new book. He mentions it in his 80k podcast interview, and recommends the book 'The End of the World' by John Leslie. Also Phil Torres publishes on this, and has just started at CSER, who also have a big research agenda.