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Mapping out cyberwarfare landscape?

by Samuel Shadrach1 min read16th Oct 20213 comments


Information security

Would studying the following count as high impact?

  1. Cyber warfare between say US and China. How much control do nation states have over the internet? What services can they take down at what cost, what is the collateral damage? What are the objectives? (Propaganda, economic damage, targetting specific high-profile individuals, etc) What are the most effective strategies?
  2. Attack by FAANG. Any tech giant choosing to selectively deny services or worse - act maliciously in their service. This could be something as simple as serving corrupted files or complex such as manufacturing social identities and histories. What all forms of malice can they get away with? What prevents them from acting maliciously? What are the objectives? (Propaganda, stock manipulation, targetting specific nations, etc) What are the most effective strategies?
  3. Other hidden parties that can exert significant control over the internet.


A lot of it is about tail risks and existential risks, but some of it also about understanding how the power landscape can be shifted by these parties under normal circumstances.

As the internet continues to centralise, I wondering if all this is worth studying. Keen on people's thoughts.

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My hot take is that this seems valuable to me! Potentially harmful if you publish it on the internet, but you've probably thought of that concern already.

What will you do with the knowledge?

3kokotajlod2moNot sure, but it seems like a somewhat important variable in my mental model of how the future will go.