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"Reversing problems" vs "Slowing down problems"

by freedomandutility1 min read16th Jul 2021No comments



I think there might be a variety of problems where the solutions can be divided into A) solutions that works by slowing down the problem and B) solutions that work by reversing the problem.

I think allocating resources to solutions that work by reversing problems will usually have greater expected value than allocating resources to solutions that slow problems down, and that this might be a useful heuristic, especially when we're dealing with a lot of unknowns and expected value is very difficult to compare.


A couple of examples:

Climate change

A) reducing meat consumption - could only slow down future increases in greenhouse gas concentration

B) carbon capture technology - could potentially reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration below its current level


A) slowing down biological processes that produce the effects of ageing - could only slow down ageing

B) reversing damage caused by ageing - could potentially decrease biological age


I assume that there are situations where "the same solution" could start off slowing down a problem, and then with enough improvement / investment it could eventually start reversing the problem, but I couldn't think of an example.

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