Pandemic Network Radar: A New Solution for the Tragedy of the Commons, with Po-Shen Loh — What EAs can do

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There is a new innovation in biorisk which could reduce the probability and severity of future pandemics if adopted widely now. NOVID is a categorically new way to fight disease using smartphones, and this could impact the current pandemic, as well as future natural and engineered pandemics. In fact, it should work against all contagious diseases that spread through close contact. The app is also fundamentally different from "contact tracing apps”, and resolves their deep flaws.

This new approach allows the user to preemptively avoid getting infected by providing a “radar” that alerts the user of disease approaching from far away along their relationship network.

This work is led by my math professor Po-Shen Loh here at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the national coach of the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team. 

Come to chat with Po-Shen Loh about what EAs can do to help reduce biorisk.

February 28, 2pm ET. Zoom:

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