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Does anyone have a list of summer internship opportunities that are a particularly good fit for EAs?

by freedomandutility1 min read2nd Dec 202110 comments


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I'm aware of:

Stanford Existential Risks Initiative Summer Research Program (explicitly EA)

New Science Summer Fellowship (not explicitly EA-aligned but seems like a good fit for EAs)

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2 Answers

You can filter the 80,000 Hours job board by "internship" roles that require an undergraduate degree or less.

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Some EA community-builders and I are working on building an EA internship job board—we should have a website up in a couple weeks with more EA-relevant internship opportunities :)

Nice! How are you planning to differentiate it from https://www.eawork.club/ ?

I participated in the Stanford Data Science for Social Good program as a student fellow last summer. There's a similar program at CMU too.

Happy to help but more info would help narrow it down. Are you in HS / college / other? What major? What kinds of experiences are you looking for?

I'm in college, looking at global health / pandemics / biomedical research, but I thought it might be useful to have general list of EA relevant summer opportunities for EAs in college.

Oh cool cool, thought you were looking for personal advice but a general resource would definitely be useful. I don’t know too much about bio, but here’s one internship that somebody I know did and enjoyed:

The Nuclear Threat Initiative runs internships every semester (spring / fall / summer) for college undergraduates and grad students. They’re a top think tank in DC on not only nuclear issues, but also biosecurity, energy, and science and technology policy more broadly. In the 12 week internship, you can choose to specialize in any of these fields.

Here’s the application link: https://www.tfaforms.com/4931745

Thanks that looks really good! 😃