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Bowerman, Niel. 2014.Niel (2014) Good policy ideas that won’t happen (yet)., Effective Altruism Forum, September 14.
A look at the viability of changing public policy on certain issues.

Clough, Emily. 2015.Emily (2015) Effective altruism’s political blind spot.spot, Boston Review, July 14.
An example of one of the main criticisms of effective altruism: that it paid insufficient attention to political advocacy in the past.

Farquhar, Sebastian. 2016.Sebastian (2016) Should EAs do policy?, Effective Altruism Global, August 5.
A talk at EA Global 2016 with an overview of why policy work might be effective..

Global Priorities Project. 2015.Project (2015) New UK aid strategy – prioritising research and crisis response.response, Global Priorities Project, December 2.
An example of effective altruist policy work.

Karnofsky, Holden. 2013.Holden (2013) The track record of policy-oriented philanthropy.philanthropy, Open Philanthropy, November 6.
Articles on Open Philanthropy about policy and philanthropy.

Open Philanthropy Project. 2016.(2016) U.S. policy.policy, Open Philanthropy.
The Philanthropy Project's assesment of policy as a focus area

The Policy Changepolicy change tag is very broad, covering any post about improving government policy (in developing and developed countries alike).

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