An AI race is a competition between rival teams to first develop advanced artificial intelligence.


The expression "AI race" may be used in a somewhat narrower sense to describe a competition to attain military superiority via AI. The expressions AI arms race (Barnes & Chin 2018), arms race for AI (Fedasiuk 2021) and military AI arms race (Cave & ÓhÉigeartaigh 2018: 37) are sometimes employed to refer to this specific type of AI race.

AI races and technological races

An AI race is an example of the broader phenomenon of a technological race, characterized by a "winner-take-all" structure where the team that first develops the technology gets all (or most) of its benefits. This could happen because of various types of feedback loops that magnify the associated benefits. In the case of AI, it is generally believed that these benefits are very large, perhaps sufficient to confer the winning team a decisive strategic advantage....

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