Animal product alternatives are meat, eggs, and dairy products not made from living animals. Two main types of animal product alternatives are cell-based ("clean meat") and plant-based ("plant meat") (Open Philanthropy 2015; see Lonkila & Kaljonen 2021 for a literature review).

Improving animal welfare is a promising focus area. One strategy for improving animal welfare is to reduce consumption of animal products. Creating more attractive alternatives to meat, dairy products and eggs may help to encourage more people to reduce consumption of these products, and so reduce the suffering caused by factory farming (Rorheim et al. 2016; He et al. 2020).


Cargill, Natalie & Keiran Harris (2018) How exactly clean meat is created & the advances needed to get it into every supermarket, according to food scientist Marie Gibbons, 80,000 Hours, April 10....

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