Blockchain is a data structure defined as a chain of blocks with each block consisting of a list of transactions and linked together with hash pointer. Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change hack or cheat the system. Blockchain linked list is a data structure which is bunch of data nodes liked with each other using pointers. The pointer variable stores the value of the address of the next data node. Blockchain is that it guarantee the fidelity and security of record of data and generate the trust without need third party trusted.

The Blockchain blockchaintag is for posts relevant to blockchain, crytocurrencies, and related topics, either as investment opportunities or as tools that could be used for achieving altruistic objectives (e.g., via mechanism design or solving coordination problems). 

Applied to Effective Altruism Quest by jablevine at 10mo

I also spent only ~1 minute searching for relevant posts to tag, so I'm sure I've missed some.

There are also at least two 80,000 Hours interviews that I think are relevant (so if someone makes linkposts of these, I think they should get this tag):

I wrote this description very quickly and lazily, and I don't really know about this topic. So I encourage other people to improve the description.