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I think that there is a lot of overlap between this and Less-Discussed Causes. Possibly these should be merged?

Yeah, I currently also think they should probably be merged.

If there is a case for them both existing with distinct scopes, then I'd be inclined to have each tag description reference the other tag and explicitly indicate how the scopes differ.

I've changed the name to "cause candidates," which is what I was trying to get at. The scopes differ because not all discussion about less discussed areas is a proposal of a candidate. For example, the recent CES fundraiser is a good fit for the less-discussed cause areas tag, but not for this one. I also imagine that having a list of cause candidates is much more useful to incubators than having a list of posts related to less discussed areas (that with trivial inconveniences, and all)

FWIW, I don't think I share the intuition that having a list of proposals of cause candidates would be more useful to incubators than having a list of posts which either propose or discuss cause candidates. If I was an incubator, I'd want to see not just proposals, but critiques, follow-on work, and indeed even things like the CES fundraiser (as such fundraisers demonstrate that there is a charity working in this area already - which seems like relevant info - and will tend to have a summary of the case for the area, some info about interventions, some info about costs, etc.).

(I'm also not sure I know precisely what distinction you have in mind between proposals of cause areas and other posts about cause areas. Though I can imagine some things that you might be intending to exclude, such as posts primarily arguing that a cause shouldn't get much attention, or fundraisers and org updates.)

(This is all just my two cents, of course.)