Center for Security and Emerging Technology

The Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) is a think tank dedicated to policy analysis at the intersection of national and international security and emerging technologies. CSET's founder and director is Jason Gaverick Matheny (Anderson 2019). CSET is the largest AI policy research center in the United States (Institute for Technology, Law and Policy 2019).


CSET was established in January 2019 with a $55 million grant from Open Philanthropy (Muehlhauser 2019). Its mission is to study the security impacts of emerging technologies, support the academic work in security and technology studies, and deliver nonpartisan analysis to the policy community. For its first two years, CSET plans to focus on the intersection of security and artificial intelligence, particularly on national competitiveness, talent and knowledge flows and relationships with other technologies.

As of August 2021, CSET has grown to more than 50 full-time staff. Thanks in part to an increase by $42 million of their original Open Philanthropy grant, their total available funding for the following five years is in excess of $100 million (Center for Security and Emerging Technology 2021)....

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