Felicifia was a utilitarianism discussion forum active between late 2006 and the mid 2010s.

The forum hosted discussions, by contributors such as Jason Gaverick Matheny, Toby Ord, Carl Shulman, and Brian Tomasik, about many ideas that would later become a core part of effective altruism, including earning to give, wild animal welfare, the timing of philanthropy, and others.


Two versions of the Felicifia forum existed. The original version ("Old Felicifia") was created in late 2006 to early 2007 by Seth Baum, as a group blog/forum which superseded an earlier solo blog by Baum with the same name (Baum 2006). In 2008, a newer version was created ("New Felificia"), and Old Felicifia was abandoned shortly thereafter (Tomasik 2018)....

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