Kelsey Piper is an American journalist, currently a Staff Writer for Future Perfect.


Piper studied symbolic systems at Stanford University. During her studies, she joined Giving What We Can and founded Stanford Effective Altruism (Zabel 2015). After graduation, Piper worked as lead of the writing team at Triplebyte, a recruiting and technical screening platform for tech companies.

Journalism career

Piper joined Vox in September 2018 (Piper 2018a). As of September 2021, she has published over 250 articles on a very wide range of topics related to effective altruism, including animal product alternatives, cash transfers, climate change, cultured meat, deworming, electoral reform, farmed animal welfare, forecasting, foreign aid, global catastrophic biological risk, global catastrophic risk, the hinge of history hypothesis, human extinction, malaria, nuclear warfare, nuclear winter, prediction markets, space colonization, suffering-focused ethics, the timing of philanthropy, universal basic income, and the vulnerable world hypothesis, among many others....

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