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Aguirre, Anthony (2016) Predicting the future (of life), Future of Life Institute, January 24.

Mann, Adam (2016) The power of prediction markets, Nature, October 18.

Shelton, Jim (2016) Metaculus: A prediction website with an eye on science and technology, YaleNews, November 2. . Official website.

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I added FLI as a related entry. This is because Anthony Aguirre co-founded both orgs. But the orgs have fairly distinct missions and activities, and I don't think there's any other connection apart from through Aguirre, so maybe that isn't worth mentioning the Related entries.

2Pablo4moYeah, I think the connection is not strong enough to justify inclusion, so I removed it. I don't have strong views on this, though, so feel free to revert my edit if you (Michael or anyone else) think it's definitely worth including.

Metaculus is a reputation-based prediction solicitationsite for soliciting and aggregation engine.aggregating predictions. It was founded in November 2015 by astrophysicist Anthony Aguirre, cosmologist Greg Laughlin and data scientist Max Wainwright (Mann 2016; Shelton 2016).

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