Open Philanthropy (previously the Open Philanthropy Project) is a research and grantmaking foundation based in San Francisco.


Open Philanthropy launched in late 2011, as a partnership between Good Ventures and GiveWell (Karnofsky 2011). The partnership operated under the name GiveWell Labs before adopting, in August 2014, the name Open Philanthropy Project (Karnofsky 2014). It continued to be part of GiveWell until 2017, when it became an independent organization (Karnofsky 2017). The name was changed to Open Philanthropy around December 2019.


Cari Tuna is Open Philanthropy's president, and Holden Karnofsky and Alexander Berger are its two co-CEOs. Karnofsky oversees grantmaking in biosecurity, AI safety and longtermism, while Berger oversees grantmaking in global health and development, farmed animal welfare, scientific research and criminal justice reform (Karnofsky 2021)....

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