Persistence of Political/Cultural Variables

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In Freitas-Groff, Zach (2021) Longtermism in animal advocacy, Animal Charity Evaluators, March 31, there's discussion of persistence studies, the implications that that might have for animal advocates, and what new persistence-studies-style research could be done to further inform animal advocates. It might be useful for someone to add some text to this entry which draws on what Zach says there.

The relevant part is in the last ~18 minutes, and especially the last ~12 minutes.

I consider the current name and description for this tag a first draft. Feel free to make suggestions/edits.

Alternative name ideas:

  • Cultural Persistence
  • Cultural, Political, and Moral Persistence
  • Something else along these lines
  • Persistence Studies???
    • I think this is too narrow; it seems to imply all of these posts should be very related to the kind of academic work that is sometimes called "persistence studies"