Psychology of effective altruism

The psychology of effective altruism covers research at the intersection of psychology and effective altruism. Relevant research areas include the psychology of effective giving (Caviola et al. 2014; Caviola, Schubert & Nemirow 2020; Burum, Nowak & Hoffman 2020; Caviola, Schubert & Greene 2021); the psychology of existential risk (Schubert, Caviola & Faber 2019); the psychology of population ethics (Caviola et al. 2021);  the psychology of the future (Vallinder 2020); the psychology of speciesism (Caviola 2019; Caviola, Everett & Faber 2019; Caviola & Capraro 2020); the psychology of utilitarianism (Kahane et al. 2018; Everett & Kahane 2020); the link between giving and happiness (MacAskill, Mogensen & Ord 2018; Dalton 2020); and the personality traits of effective altruists (E. 2020).


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Burum, Bethany, Martin A. Nowak & Moshe Hoffman (2020) An evolutionary explanation for ineffective altruism, Nature Human Behaviour, vol. 4, pp. 1245–1257....

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