Scalably using labour

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It took me a minute to understand what "using people" meant here - at first I thought it meant "manipulating people"!

"Scalably involving people" might be better

Good suggestion. I hadn't considered the "manipulating" interpretation when I originally named the tag, but it does seem worth avoiding!

I think "scalably making use of people" might be the most accurate phrase (since it seems to make it clearer that the goal is about achieving outcomes in the world, not just that people get to be part of something). But it's a bit long and could sound a bit too hierarchical/directive, so "involving" seems better overall. 

"Scalably using labour"? Since it's about getting people to do things, not about recruiting them.

Regardless of what other terms one uses, is the term "scalably" necessary? It's a slightly awkward term, and makes the phrase a bit clunky.

To Ryan: I think "Scalably using labour" sounds good to me, so I'll probably change the name to that in a day or two unless anyone comments to suggest otherwise in the meantime.

To Stefan: I do think "scalably" or something like it is core to what this entry/tag is about. The idea is something like:

"EA is already doing great at helping some especially skilled, dedicated, lucky, etc. people have a lot of impact. But it's not doing great at helping a larger section of the EA community have a lot of impact, even though it seems likely that there's useful work they could be doing. This is related to vetting constraints, management constraints, org capacity constraints, etc. And EA has even less to say about particularly useful work that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, etc. of people could do, especially people who aren't as skilled and dedicated as the people already struggling to get into some high impact jobs. So we're able to use some labour very well, but not really at scale."

I think just the term "using labour" would technically cover this issue, but it'd also cover other stuff, and wouldn't highlight that this specific issue is what this entry/tag focuses on.

(But maybe some other term would capture the idea of "scalably using labour" similarly well.)

Maybe part of the issue is that the idea that this tag is for isn't crisply defined.

But insofar as one wants a tag for precisely this idea, maybe the adverb "scalably" could be replaced with "large-scale" or "at scale" or something like that. E.g. "Large-scale use of labour". 

Apparently you can just edit the tag, so I did!