Scott Alexander (born 1984) is the pseudonym of an American psychiatrist and blogger. Alexander is the author of the blog Slate Star Codex and its successor Astral Codex Ten, and a former contributor—under the user name Yvain—to the community blog LessWrong.


Alexander studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and in 2012 graduated from University College Cork School of Medicine, Ireland. He did his residency at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Michigan, United States. He specializes in treatment-resistant depression and his areas of interest within psychiatry include chronotherapy, behavioral genetics, and the ontology of psychiatric disorders. One of Alexander's blog posts was subsequently revised and published in the academic journal Pharmacology Research & Perspectives (Alexander 2015; Siskind et al 2017).

Before establishing his own practice, Lorien Psychiatry, Alexander worked at LifeStance Health (formerly Pacific Coast Psychiatric Associates) and served as Senior Health Researcher of MetaMed, a medical consulting company (MetaMed 2013; Siskind 2018; WebMD Care 2021)....

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