I've made a database of AI safety/governance surveys & survey ideas. I'll copy the "READ ME" page below. Let me know if you'd like access to the database, if you'd suggest I make a more public version, or if you'd like to suggest things be added. 

"This spreadsheet lists surveys & ideas for surveys that are very relevant to AI safety/governance, including surveys which are in progress, ideas for surveys, and published surveys. The intention is to make it easier for people to:

1. Find out about outputs or works-in-progress they might want to read (perhaps contacting the authors)
2. Find out about projects/ideas they might want to lead, collaborate on, or provide input to
3. Find out about projects/ideas that might fill a gap the person was otherwise considering trying to fill (i.e., reduce duplication of work)

I (Michael Aird) made this spreadsheet quite quickly. For now I’m only sharing it with people at Rethink Priorities, people at GovAI, and a couple members of the EA community who I’ve spoken to and who are potentially interested in doing survey work.

I expect this spreadsheet misses many relevant things and that its structure/content could be improved (e.g., maybe it should be a Doc or an Airtable? Maybe some columns should be added/removed?). It might also make sense to have one version that’s more private and another that’s more public.

Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions about anything and to suggest I share this with particular people.

If you’d like access to a link shown in this spreadsheet that you don’t have access to, let me know."

Applied to EA Survey 2020: Geography by MichaelA at 2mo

Perhaps some of the related entries should be removed - I erred on the side of adding anything that came to mind as plausibly worth including, with the idea that someone else could cut things later.