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We use tags to make it easier to find posts on certain topics. This takes two things:

  1. If a post is connected to a topic, it should be tagged for that topic.
  2. If a post isn’t connected to a topic, it shouldn’t be tagged for that topic.

We allow anyone to add any tag to a post (point #1). We also allow anyone to upvote or downvote the tags on a post. 

If a tag on a post falls to zero karma, it is removed from the post (point #2).

If a tag on a post gains additional karma, that post will be seen as more relevant for the tag and will move up the list of posts on the tag page.

When in doubt, please err on the side of adding a tag! Other users can downvote it if they don’t think it should be attached, and the more people suggest tags in the first place, the better-organized the Forum will be.

Tags were announced in this post. Discussions on proposals for new tags are found here. Each tag also has a discussion page which you can use to discuss the use of the tag and potential edits to its description or name - you can edit them as they are both wikis.

Tag Details

The Community tag covers posts about the EA community, as well as applying EA in one's personal life. The tag also applies to posts about the Forum itself, since this is a community space.

Cause prioritization refers to efforts to find the most important causes to work on and compare interventions across different areas, so that we can do as much good as possible with the resources available to us. This tag is for posts relevant to cause prioritization.

Farmed Animal Welfare posts discuss ideas and interventions related to improving the welfare of farmed animals. For discussion of animals that aren't farmed by humans, see the Wild Animal Welfare tag.

The Movement Strategy tag covers posts about improving the prospects of the EA movement in ways that don't directly relate to improving our reasoning; for example, through growth, media relations, or internal coordination.

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