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EA Ventures (EAV) was launched in February 2016 as “a project of CEA’s Effective Altruism Outreach initiative.” Its goal was “to test the theory that we can stimulate the creation of new high impact organizations by simply signaling that funding is available.”

Projects looking for funding were invited to “apply and go through a systematic evaluation process” after which the EAV team would “introduce projects that pass the evaluation to our network of individual and institutional funders and help find new funders if needed.” The EA Ventures homepage listed over 20 funders, including major funders like Jaan Tallinn and Luke Ding.

EAV went on to release a list of projects and projects areas that they would “like to fund” and received over 70 applications before their first deadline. By the end of 2015, EAV had “received around 100 applications and had helped move around $100,000 to effective organizations”. ...

The project was closed in 2016.[1]


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