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Hello, I'm a french citizen. I own a bachelor in wildlife conservation. I currently live in Bourges, France.


Hello, I'm a french citizen living in Bourges, France. I own a bachelor in wildlife conservation. I learned about EA through my personal curiosity about artificial intelligence and I also was wondering how to help biodiversity on the long term. I don't  work because of health problems but that won't stop me from doing my part as a volunteer.

I hope you get funded! I think there's still not enough conservation scientists in this community. There's a lot of computer sciences and maths majors here who believe Artificial Intelligence is a god that can solve everything. But what if AI blames us in the future for destroying Earth's ecosystems, for a reason currently unknown to us? What if an AI capable of fixing biodiversity loss is not invented before centuries and we make our planet unliveable for everyone very soon? What if we destroy Earth's liveability before being able to reach another liveable planet? Those are a few reasons I believe are enough to work on biodiversity conservation, aside from all that you mentioned in this article.