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Most research/advocacy charities are not scalable

The reason most EA founders (and aspiring founders) act as if money is scares, is because the lived experience of most EA founders is that money is hard to get. As far as I know, this is true in all cause areas, including long-termism.

2Matt_Sharp4moYeah, in the same thread Ben tweets []: But the EA Infrastructure Fund currently only has ~$65k available [] If there is plenty of funding, is it just in the wrong place? Given Ben's latest post [] should we be encouraging donations to the EA Infrastructure Fund (and Long-Term Future Fund) rather than the Global Health and Development Fund, which currently has over $7m available []?
6Benjamin_Todd4moYes - part of the reason this the funding overhang dynamic is happening in the first place is that it's really hard to think of a project that has a clearly net positive return from a longtermist perspective, and even harder to put it into practice.