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How I Came To Longtermism On My Own & An Outsider Perspective On EA Longtermism

This was a great read! I liked the structure as well, which allowed me to jump across sections before deciding to read the whole thing.

I got into meditation a few years ago and recently did a Vipassana 10 day retreat. I guess it's hard to quantify systematic change but it is interesting to imagine what would happen if meditation was taught in schools - though I prefer it in non-spiritual form, just pure practice.

I'm still mostly a beginner in EA, so I am not sure if I'm qualified yet to judge your views on longtermism but it seems to make sense to me.

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Thank you! Yes, I agree teaching meditation in schools could be a very good idea, I think the tools are very powerful. Apparently Robert Wright Who wrote the excellent book “why Buddhism is true“ among other books, has started a project called the apocalypse aversion project which he talked about with Rob Wiblin on an episode of 80,000 hours, One of the main ideas being that if we systematically encourage mindfulness practice we could broadly reduce existential risk. I think you’re right, EA can be a bit inscrutable and there are definitely some benefits to being appealing to a wider popular audience, though there may also be downsides to not focusing on the EA audience
Meditation course claims 65% enlightenment rate: my review

I did a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat, after meditating casually 10min daily (I had streaks of several months where I wouldn't miss a day, then months without) for ~4 years. I used the Headspace and Waking up apps

The 10min sessions were helpful especially if I was consistent, in feeling less anxious/irritated and more happy. I ended up liking the Waking Up app more since he explains the theory as well.

But, those basically disappear when compared to the 10 day retreat, where we would do basically a full day of meditation (split into 1 and 2h segments)... (read more)

Who wants to be hired? (May-September 2022)

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel and Toronto, Canada

Remote: Possibly

Willing to relocate: Yes

Skills: Mechanical/Mechatronics engineer with around 6 years of practical experience (both in university and in industry). I've lead a 30 person team for 2 years at university, with some of the work being teaching oriented which I really enjoyed. I can do Operations related tasks fairly easily and enjoy it, though I do prefer a more creative problem solving type of work. I am good at writing - for example guide documents. I've also done some Sponsor relations work.

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